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No one likes a dictator for a community moderator, so I'll keep this list short and simple. However, you should take the time to read and remember these rules, as they will help with your application and pending membership.

1. As a respected member of brainybeauties, you are expected to show the same respect you received when casting a vote on someone's application. Of course it's alright to reject someone and give your reasons why, but harsh criticism should be tactful and done with some class. No one likes a crude lady.
2. Do not comment on any entry, but your own, unless you are a STAMPED member. If you are caught doing so by anyone, you will be asked to leave. Until you are a member of brainybeauties, you do not have the right to cast a vote on someone, positive OR negative.
3. When posting an entry after you have been accepted as a member, please remember to put STAMPED somewhere on your entry, whether it's in the subject line or an lj cut. This will eliminate a lot of confusion and unnecessary drama.
4. When applying, please place a BOLDED period (like so: .) somewhere in your answer to the last Random Question: Why do you wish to be apart of this community? If you do not, you will be asked to review the rules and revise your application.
5. NO PROMOTING OTHER COMMUNITES. This community is NOT a classified ads page. There are plenty of other communities to promote in.
6. Please try and stay active. We know you all have lives and we don't want you to waste them at the computer, but please try and vote at least once a week on an entry.
7. Good deeds are rewarded here at brainybeauties, so if you happen to promote the community heavily, make a promotion banner, an icon, a layout, etc., expect a return of gratitude.

Seven is, yes, an odd number to stop on, but remember, we are unique and therefore, so is our rules list.
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