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Promotion Banners!

Alright you beautiful, brainy ladies, you. Promoting is the key to a successful community and well, who doesn't want a community to be successful? If you are a not yet a member of brainybeauties, make sure you pick the promotion banner of your choice and promote in at least your own journal and a community of your choice. Make sure to promote in places that will actually gain members!

If you are already a member of brainybeauties, please, help keep this community growing with new members by promoting! It's a really good idea to search interests that pertain to this community (i.e. intelligence, rating, reading, intelligent conversation, politics, etc.), so that our promoting is helpful to this community. Remember to make a friends only post everytime you promote with a list of the links to your promotions. After all, in brainybeauties, hard work does not go unrewarded!


If you'd like to donate a banner, just leave a comment on this entry with your banner shown. Thanks, ladies!
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